• There is no minimum order for delivery.
  • Delivery charge is Rp 40.000,- per address. Free delivery for all orders above Rp 250.000,-
  • Please note that we only deliver to Jakarta and Tangerang areas.
  • Custom orders for all cakes and ice cream cakes require a minimum of 48 hours before delivery date.

Tips to keep ice cream fresh:

  1. Best stored at below -18 degrees Celsius, at the very back or bottom of your freezer.
    • Every time the freezer door opens, warm air goes in. Therefore, keeping the ice cream way back in the freezer or storing it beneath other frozen items will help to protect it.
  2. Don’t leave the ice cream out of the freezer longer than you need to. So once you’re done scooping the ice cream, put it right back into the freezer.
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